Free Photo Shoot Opportunity!

Hey everyone! As we all head into the summer season I am sure most of us have at least one event planned. Whether it’s a wedding, a competition, a family reunion, or maybe a graduation it’s always nice to have photos to remember these fun times in our lives. Most people shy away from hiring a photographer for such events because they think it will be too expensive, which it can be. That’s why I am here to tell you that I am offering up free photo shoots for the first few weeks of summer. These photo shoots could be an event coverage type shoot like I mentioned above or they could be just for fun shoots. Whatever your heart desires photos of, I can take them for free!

The way this deal will work is I will allow bookings up until the end of the third official week of summer, so it is a first come first serve deal. I can’t be giving away all my photo shoots, but I will be happy to give people my time to anyone who is quick with their scheduling. The photo shoot lengths will be either the full event that you want coverage of, or a two hour personal photo shoot. With these shoots you will be guaranteed at least 40 fully edited shots that you can use for reliving the event and posting on social media to show your friends! I hope you all take advantage of this awesome deal while it lasts!Amanda's Friends - DSC_0293

Photo Shooting Season

As the weather gets warmer and warmer, my hankering to get out and shoot is growing stronger! I hope to open up more availability for shoots once summer starts and I am on break from school. The weather is perfect for getting some awesome automotive and lifestyle photos. Don’t hesitate to get outside this summer and get some photos taken, whether it’s for yourself, friends and family, or for your business. I will have official pricing and availability out towards the end of my school semester so stay tuned!Annie-DSC_0890

Inspiration & Tips for Automotive Photography

Automotive photography can be difficult to get the hang of right off the bat, so I always try to read new articles and posts about the topic. This week I read a great post by Desmond Louw on how to take better photographs of cars. His post was very helpful to me and I think anyone else interested in the topic should take a look! The post is very easy to read and goes over 7 easy tips for getting significantly better shots when it comes to car photography. Even if you think you’ve already mastered the art of car photography, there is always new ways to approach shooting them.

I started out shooting cars when I first got my camera, so from the beginning I’ve been open to learning new techniques. My personal favorite of the tips included in Desmond’s post has to be looking for reflections. I have had countless photos ruined by bad reflections of either people or something in the background. This is an element that seems to escape my mind during a shoot. This post reminded me to watch out for the finer details like reflections that can make or break a shot.


Welcome to Duncan Allen Photography!

Hi everyone! Duncan Allen Photography is my personal photography business and this is my blog for the business. I enjoy all types of photography and enjoy practicing these different areas of photography regularly. My main focus is lifestyle and automotive photography simply because these two areas are the areas I am most passionate about. I find people and automobiles to be works of art while also being very interesting subjects for shooting. That being said, I will not hesitate to grab my camera and shoot other interesting subjects, objects, or just the beauty of nature.

This blog will aim to showcase my recent work and keep readers up to date on my availability and upcoming photo shoots. Along with that I will also use this blog to share work that I find interesting & intriguing, some basic photography tips, updates in my personal life, and inspiring posts that I find uplifting and that could be beneficial for anyone to read. I encourage readers of my blog to post feedback, comments, constructive criticism, and anything else that might have to say about my posts. This blog will also be a great way for readers to find my business’s social media sites and schedule future photo shoots or event coverage with me.